Pugsley Buzzard & The Swamp Orchestra – The Big Voice from Down Under – take you on a ride through time and space with their album „Feelin’ Lucky“.
Pugsley Buzzards compositions tell the tales of vagabonds and his raspy baritone voice sings all the ups and downs of life.

The man and his first-class band invite you to join the “Get The Buzz” party!



Pugsley Buzzard, native Australian, musician, actor and poet, set foot on Germany in 2018 after he became friends with drummer Micha Maass.  The two have been working on a band project ever since, where they were able to make ideas for obscure sounds and lyrics a reality.

Micha Maass is well known throughout the European blues scene. He frequently tours wit a variety of different projects and artists and also organises his own festivals and concert series.
He’s a three-time winner of the title  “Best German Blues Drummer” by the German Blues Awards.



Bernhard Ullrich grabbed his saxophone left his home in Franconia to join the rhythm of New York.
He got to travel the world with New York punk swing outfit ‘Dem Brooklyn Bums’ and played in bands across the U.S. with the likes of Scott Colley and Ike Turner.
Furthermore, he’s a legend when it come to BBQ.

Rob Gutowski was born in Pennsylvania and picked up the trombone when he was 6. Being a jack-of-all-trades, he’s worked with The BossHoss, Gentleman, Till Brönner and Einstürzende Neubauten.
Don’t get fooled by his charming smile – he’s a cold-blooded killer on the golf course!



Tobias Fleischer has been a busy bass player since moving to Berlin. Having played with a great number of different artists, he’s delivered the groove on tours and festivals in 28 different countries.
Hes’s won both the Berlin Jazz & Blues Award and the Future Sound Award – for unknown reasons though his chilli con carne has been denied an award to date.