About the current album “Feelin’ Lucky”:

When acclaimed performer and songwriter Pugsley Buzzard moved to Germany, he gained fresh inspiration and started to write new songs.
Together with his newly formed Swamp Orchestra (Micha Maass, Tobias Fleischer, Bernhard Ullrich & Rob Gutowski) he started to work on the arrangements and vibe of the new material.
Everybody put their hearts and souls into the process, adding all their musical experience to the melting pot which would become their debut recording.
After being interrupted by the pandemic, the band was chosen for a 4-months residency on the island Rügen by the baltic sea – the perfect enviroment to put the finishing touches to the album!
The band manged to find a theater stage with a Steinway grand piano and just the right atmosphere to turn ideas into reality.
With the help of producer Jan Rubach, who brought in all of his gear from Hamburg, they quickly turned the theatre into a recording studio!
With contributions from guest artists like Ingrid Arthur (of Wheater Girls fame) and Greg Bowen (whose trumpet playing you might know from the iconic James Bond 007 soundtracks of the 60’s and 70’s), the album finally took shape.

So here it is: Pugsley Buzzard & The Swamp Orchestra are proud to bring you “Feelin’ Lucky” – 11 songs full of love, truth and a touch of madness.

From the sultry “These Here Bones” to the big band feel of “Domino” and “Photograph” to the track “Inertia” with that rhumba groove, just like “Down Down Town”. From the swampy “It Is What It Is” to the somber “Heebie Jeebies”, it’s party time with “Ebony”, it gets jazzy in “Sparrow” and “Adelaide” and even the horns add color to the Crescent City-inspired “Ready Or Not’. Pretty!
Philipp Verhaege,

Pugsley Buzzard & The Swamp Orchestra managed to entertain us at a very high level in a relaxed atmosphere.
With Pugsley Buzzard & The Swamp Orchestra, the album title “Feelin’ Lucky” says it all.
This top shelf music comes highly recommended.
Joe Brookes, Rock Times

The band, which consists of Pugsley and Micha, saxophonist Bernhard Ullrich, trombonist Rob Gutowski and bassist Tobi Fleischer, is excellent at supporting Pugsley Buzzard’s often poetic lyrics.(…)
The band states in the release sheet that it was a pleasure to be able to make this album under the motto “Get the Buzz” and that seems to me more than successful.
Martin van der Velde,